Luna Dental Guard LunaGuard™ Morphing Animation
Luna Dental Guard protects


The LunaGuard™ Nighttime Dental Protector (bite guard) was developed by a team of professionals including an Ear, Nose, & Throat surgeon, orthodontist, and an engineer. This team worked to explore multiple aspects of protecting teeth including strength, comfort, and fit. Through significant scientific testing, they developed the LunaGuard™, a superior medical device cleared for market by the FDA to protect against the effects of bruxism.

Luna Dental Guard perforated


Micro perforations in the guard help absorb and diffuse the harmful forces of teeth grinding and clenching. The perforations also allow for a more natural flow of saliva.

Luna Dental Guard remoldable

Unique Remoldable Material

The LunaGuard™ is produced using a remoldable, strong thermoplastic that can be molded up to 20 times to ensure a perfect comfortable fit.

Luna Dental Guard ultra-thin

Superior Comfort

The LunaGuard™ is only millimeters thin. It is so thin that the user can easily breathe, or talk, or even drink water while wearing the guard.

Luna Dental Guard strong


The LunaGuard™ is so strong that we guarantee users cannot chew through, wear out, tear or destroy the LunaGuard™ through normal use during the first 180 days of use.

Luna Dental Guard antimicrobial

Antimicrobial Storage Case

Designed to help keep the LunaGuard™ fresh after cleaning, an antimicrobial storage case is included with every LunaGuard™ purchased.