• Protects against the harmful effects of bruxism (grinding and clenching of the teeth)
  • Perforated for Maximum protection – LunaGuard’s perforations help to  diffuse and absorb grinding forces – actually diverting the pressure of grinding and clenching away from your teeth. This design technology combined with the durable thermoplastic material ensures maximum protection against bruxism. The perforations also allow for a more natural flow of saliva.
  • Stronger – The LunaGuard® is made of a material that is so strong, we guarantee you won’t chew through it!
  • Only 1.6 mm thin – Doesn’t impede ability to easily talk, drink, or breathe freely while wearing. Allows for a more comfortable fit.
  • Easy to fit – The unique remoldable thermoplastic material allows for perfect fit – If it isn’t right the first time, just re-fit the guard – the material goes back to its original shape in hot water.


Lunaguard nighttime dental guard to fight bruxism and stop teeth grinding
Protects against grinding and clenching Ultra Thin Perforated Remoldable Fit

Our Guarantee

The LunaGuard® is guaranteed for durability for 180 days...

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