What is the LunaGuard™?

The LunaGuard™ Nighttime Dental Protector is a bite guard that provides exceptional protection due to its unique design and materials. It is made of a strong thermoplastic that prevents the user from biting through the guard.


PROTECTS – Protects against the harmful effects of bruxism, or grinding and clenching of the teeth. It is made of a material so strong, we guarantee you will not chew through it.

PERFORATED – LunaGuard’s perforations help to diffuse and absorb grinding forces, protecting the teeth from the pressure of grinding or clenching. This technologically innovative design ensures maximum protection against bruxism. The perforations also allow for a more natural flow of saliva.

ULTRA THIN – The LunaGuard™ is only 1.6 mm thick. Its sleek, lightweight design allows for total comfort while sleeping, and it is so thin that it does not impede speaking, drinking or breathing.

REMOLDABLE – The LunaGuard™ is designed for a quick and easy custom fit for optimal performance. It is made from a unique thermoplastic that allows it to be remolded (up to 20 times) if you do not get the exact fit you want during the first fitting.