Why LunaGuard™?

  • Protects against the harmful effects of bruxism – against grinding and clenching of the teeth
  • Perforated for Maximum protection with Diffusix™ technology The unique Diffusix technology uses perforations to diffuse and absorb grinding forces – actually diverting the pressure of grinding and clenching away from your teeth. This design combined the thermoplastic material ensures maximum protection against bruxism.
  • Stronger than conventional bite guards The LunaGuard™ is made of a material that is so strong that we guarantee that you won’t chew through it!
  • Only 1.6 mm thin Doesn’t impede ability to easily talk, drink, or breathe freely while wearing Allows for a more comfortable fit
  • Easy to fit Remoldable material allows for perfect fit – If it isn’t right the first time, just re-fit the guard – the material goes back to its original shape in hot water



The LunaGuard™ is guaranteed for durability for 180 days from date of purchase. If during this time you chew through, wear out, tear, or destroy your LunaGuard™ through normal use, please send it to us with the original receipt and an explanation of your experience and we will replace it with a new one.


The LunaGuard™ Nighttime Dental Protector (bite guard) was developed by a unique team of professionals including an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician, an orthodontist, and an engineering professor. This team explored multiple aspects of teeth protection including strength, comfort, and fit. Through significant scientific testing, they developed a superior device – the LunaGuard™ nighttime dental protector.

Produced using a unique remoldable, strong thermoplastic material and designed with Diffusix™ technology, the LunaGuard™ is stronger and thinner than other conventional nighttime bite guards. The Diffusix™ technology (micro perforations in the guard) helps absorb and diffuse the harmful forces of teeth grinding (bruxism). Engineering tests show that the LunaGuard™ provides up to 30% better protection than conventional nighttime bite guards. This is significant since the LunaGuard™ is only millimeters thin as opposed to much thicker conventional bite guards. Additionally, tests show that the LunaGuard™ offers 90% more force absorption and is eight times (8X) tougher than other available bite guards. The LunaGuard™ is an FDA Approved medical device and is indicated for use in protecting teeth to reduce the damage caused by bruxism/nighttime teeth grinding.


LunaGuard™ Technical Studies Force Absorption Performance & Material Durability Testing Comparison vs. Conventional Grind/Bite Guards

Force Absorption Study Overview: As part of the development process for the new LunaGuard™ it was tested vs. five conventional grind/bite guards. These conventional guards are found commonly at retail stores in the United States. All guards were subjected to the same applied forces for the same periods of time to determine the % of force absorbed by the grind/bite guards.

Key Findings: The LunaGuard™ dissipated significantly more grinding energy/force than the conventional grind/bite guards with molar pads. The LunaGuard™ dissipated as much grinding energy/force as the conventional molded grind/bite guards even though the conventional molded grind/bite guard is 250% thicker. The LunaGuard™ is more durable than either the molded or the pad type grind/bite guards.

Material Durability Testing – Study Overview: To characterize and measure the durability of the materials used in making OTC grind/bite guards, the materials which make up the LunaGuard™ and the other OTC guards were subjected to circular grinding tests to mimic the motions found during teeth grinding.

Key Findings: The LunaGuard™ was the only material to maintain structural integrity after the circular grinding test. The conventional OTC grind guard materials completely shredded after the circular grinding test. Under the most severe testing for grinding, the LunaGuard™ material demonstrated the greatest durability.



”I get headaches on almost a daily basis because I clench my teeth at night when I sleep. I just got the LunaGuard mouth guard and I couldn’t believe how simple it was to mold to my teeth. It’s so comfortable, I forget it’s there. First night, so far, so good.”
– Heather, Troy, MI

”I woke up without a sore jaw this morning and it is because I have started wearing your guard. I wasn’t sure that it would work when a friend recommended it to me, but it is the best thing that I’ve bought all year. “
– Maggy, MI

”I have paid hundreds of dollars for a custom guard, fitted by my dentist. After losing it, I wanted to give this one a try because it seemed like a custom fit for hardly any money. Guess what? Works like a charm and I love the price too!”
Catherine, Chicago, IL

”I’m a gagger and hate having things in my mouth. I also grind my teeth at night and have been unsuccessful in using night guards because there is just too much bulk in the mouth. So when looking at your website and seeing how thin it was, I decided to order it. Now, a couple of weeks later I must say, it’s changed how I feel in the morning. I don’t have any pain in my jaws anymore and I feel better rested. Thanks for a great product! Sincerely”
– Liza, Palo Alto, CA

”I couldn’t believe it when my dentist was kind enough to encourage me to try an OTC night guard before spending money on one of his custom made. I tried your guard and it works perfectly.”
– Denise, QB, Canada

Luna Dental Guard
Protects against grinding and clenching Ultra Thin Perforated Remoldable Fit

Our Guarantee

The LunaGuard® is guaranteed for durability for 180 days...

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